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Reviews on Erica Boerman’s book JOSEPH: Bound Under The Guile Of the Devil…BUT GOD…

Exactly what I needed. I’m so grateful for the insight and wisdom this book provides. Joseph’s life and God’s work in it is such a complex account, but this book extrapolates and identifies the layers in a way that allowed me such understanding and connection.

Tracey / Amazon Review

Throughout this book the reader will come to understand that God can take weaknesses and use them for His glory. I was exhorted to spend quality solitude focusing on God. Overall it was a refreshing book to me because it build up my faith and strengthened my inner man. I learned tactics the enemy tries which will make me more determined and aware to overcome Satan’s ploys and live in victory.

This easy to read book is great for Christians in all stages of their development. I found each chapter can be used as a weekly meditative tool to focus on. I recommend this resource and feel that it has life-changing practical application.

Valerie / Amazon Review

This is a great teaching Bible study book for personal growth. I would recommend this book.

Anonymous / Barnes & Nobles Review