New Online Bible Study: Extra Ordinary God Using VERY Ordinary People

Have you ever felt like what you do (or say) doesn’t really matter?  People never listen anyway. Have you struggled thinking you were a nobody? Do you doubt that God speaks to you, let alone through you? Do you think that your life is so insignificant that dreams inside your heart don’t matter? Are your […]

My Beginning: A Very Slow Start to My Testimony

A few weeks ago I posted my admission of being a fraud.  I outlined how I’ve been running from my story for a long time because, frankly, it’s uncomfortable to tell.  I’ve blocked parts of my life because it doesn’t fit my sanitized ideal. I used to stuff it down and would be quite content […]

4 Practical Steps to Allow Your Kids to Live Boldly When You’re Afraid

We’re moms.  We naturally want to keep our offspring safe.  Tons of other creatures do this as well.  You’ve heard never to get in between a mama bear and her cub, right? How can we allow our growing, maturing children to embrace life and all its adventure (and danger) and still keep them safe? I […]

The Number One Secret to Effective Bible Study When Life Presses In and You Have No Time

(Disclaimer: this is ONLY for people with ZERO mental space and NO time for anything extra in their life.  If you have margin in your day and you are not constantly putting out fires and can find time for yourself and time with the Lord daily, and your mental clutter is all taken care of, […]

3 Easy Steps to Start Reading Your Bible After Being Delinquent

All of a sudden one day you realize that you haven’t read your Bible in a long time.  You try to remember when the last time you read it actually was. Yesterday? A week ago? A month? The day you realize you’ve been delinquent in reading your Bible you look at your mounting to-do list […]

Number One Thing I Learned This Summer

  Now that the kids are back in school full time, I get a moment to reflect, and I realized something about my kids this summer: THEY ARE CAPABLE Our list of Summer Activities has included a mixture of fun day trips like going to the beach, family vacations like going to Boston, and big […]

Can You Handle a Curve Ball Life Throws at You?

My daughter plays trombone.  There is a rather large festival coming up in our neck of the woods and all the area schools have a marching band showcased in the parades.  Yes, plural.  On two different days, less than 48 hours away. I was just looking at my schedule and feeling relieved that it isn’t […]