Joni Stanchfield

Hi! I’m Joni!

I am Erica’s biological mother who endured much physical and verbal abuse at the hands of men while a young, unwed mother. I was searching to love and be loved, but that time produced more pain and suffering than love. I turned to drugs and alcohol as a way to cope. I was broke monetarily as well as emotionally. While I give God praise and glory for the birth of Erica, I did have other abortions. My life was spinning out of control. It is because of my difficult journey that I have a heart for you as a single mother.

I spent a good portion of my life running.

Running away from sin, fears, responsibility and life, even going so far as to attempt suicide. I am living and breathing today only by the grace of God. But God won– that is the cool thing! The Enemy – Satan had me right where he wanted me: in the darkness of his evil twists.

Once I became a single mom, it helped me find joy and light in life.

I even started to regain control, beginning with rejoining the workforce. However, finding trusted sitters in a “Project,” is a huge challenge. Finally, my aunt and uncle, who would later become Erica’s adoptive parents, presented a plan to help care for Erica. Erica would live with them during the week and return to me on the weekends. This plan started out well, but during the long weekdays without Erica, I became lonely and started to despair.

I cried every night, struggling daily with thoughts of inadequacy, depression, shame and guilt.

I felt like a failure not being able to physically and mentally care for Erica. All my best efforts didn’t seem to work because I was trying to heal using my own strength instead of God’s. Eventually I went looking for love outside of the true source of love, Jesus Christ, and I began to make poor choices once again. I ended up falling into the same patterns of abuse. I had hit rock bottom and it was at this time that I decided life was too difficult to live. But…

God WON and transformed me.

God knew me inside and out and loved me the way I was. God was the solution. After 5 years of intense therapy, I began to heal. I want that freedom for you as well! Now, I have a heart for serving single women through God’s inspiring Word. You can be strong if you hold on. The Lord of our universe has some really cool and amazing blessings for you if you cling to him with all of your being. God is the giver of life and freedom. He loves you so very much and the only true way you fall in love with anyone is in falling before Him as your Lord and Savior allowing His love to cover you like a blanket. Come along and get inspired! God changed our lives forever and He can change yours! Jump off your crazy train and let’s do this thing called life, together! Satan wanted me to despair and end my life, BUT GOD kept me alive to share my story, period. Satan wanted Erica to perish as well, BUT GOD provided a miraculous birth and kept her safe, healthy and so very loved by two mothers and a father, period. Satan wanted me to remain in the gutter of life alone and afraid, BUT GOD provided a wonderfully respectable and kind husband who loves me and holds me accountable, period. Satan wanted me to stay trapped in the fear of unrealized motherhood, BUT GOD gave me four cherished sons, period. Satan wanted my story to stop with me and not allow God’s healing grace to have a legacy, BUT GOD provided the perfect husband for Erica and together, they have my three precious grandchildren and the legacy of God’s saving grace will live on, period.

Hazel’s Adventure’s Living with Grandma


Hazel’s family is different than the family of her friends. Hazel misses her mommy because she is not living with her biological mother.

Hazel sometimes has a difficult time with this, but finds she is still able to live, love, and grow with the help of her best friend Jesus, Nontraditional and traditional families alike will find this a comforting, heartfelt story, and useful tool to share with all children and caregivers.

Let me know when book is released!

Erica Boerman

Who I Am…

  • A devoted wife of one – THE one. I wanted to use the phrase, “spectacularly patient wife of 11 grueling years,” instead, but that would be a lie. We’ve been married for 12.
  • A mom of three children.
  • A child of God who tries her best to be armed for the battle, but feels constantly thrown off guard by wet beds, runaway dogs, a dirty house, a busy schedule, school papers and legos. Curse.The.Legos.
  • A neat freak. You’re going to find out sooner or later. I like to clean and my brain can’t function with a disorderly house. That being said, I have a laundry pile that seems to never get to the bottom. It is the bane of my existence.
  • A loyal friend who would rather bypass niceties, decorating tips and recipes and get to the nitty gritty of your life.
  • A writer and author.
  • A sinner in desperate need of a Savior. Oh my word.
  • A hungry student of the infallible Word of God. It is the plumb line. It is the greatest love letter ever written. It is the Truth.

Who I Am Not…

  • An expert on anything, least of all how to win friends and influence anyone – which is why I read so much. I have no idea how to do this thing called life, so I read every book I can get my hand on! I have learned profound life lessons from Berenstein Bears as well as CS Lewis. I have discovered truth in the fiction of Francine Rivers and Lynn Austin, and the theology books of Michael Horton and Kevin DeYoung.
  • A baker. Baking is too much to add to my repertoire of failed ventures, so we just stay clear of it at all costs.
  • A grey person. As former law enforcement, it’s black and white for me. All or nothing. Mediocrity is a curse word that I’m trying desperately to make acceptable and mainstream in my life and by so doing, I will be able to live in grace and not perfectionism. I am constantly working on my unreasonable expectations. Having a three year old helps. He is my slice of humble pie.

Bottom Line…

  • I am an ordinary woman just like you who vacillates between composure and chaos; confidence and doubt; freedom and failure; conviction and questions. The Enemy seeks to devour, kill and destroy BUT GOD uses everything for our good and His Glory!
  • I am an ordinary woman just like you who has a God-given calling and it’s up to me to put off the old self with it’s temptations, guilt and fear and put on the new self that is redeemed by Christ that can now live in freedom. We are in the exact moment of history that we should be in.
  • I am an ordinary woman just like you who has gifts and talents and passions that God has graciously given. The umbrella that seeks to turn our focus from the One who can provide us True Shelter. Here we seek to combat the lies we are told and the lies we tell ourselves so we can live in the peace that comes from embracing our true identities in Christ.

Release: Seven Ways to Loosen Your Grip and Experience Freedom… and an Unleashing of the Gospel in Everyday Life.

“Just give it all to the Lord!” Have you ever had someone tell you that? It’s infuriating. It’s not like you don’t try. It’s hard to know where to start. What does it even mean? Relinquishing control to God seems like a rather lofty idea, until you read this book.

Erica breaks down this nebulous concept of release into seven, manageable categories each with practical and actionable steps you can take today to start to loosen your grip. Learn how to release your: Posture, Prayer, Tears, Expectations, Story, Gifts, and The Gospel. Stop living life close-fisted. This applicable book with accompanying FREE Study Guide will show you how to systematically, bit by bit, turn over the reigns to God. Great for your next group Bible study or personal reflection.

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