The Best Year-End Evaluation to Start Your New Year Off on the Right Foot

This will be extremely short and sweet. This is the exact method I use to create systems that work for my family.

Each year I evaluate how the year has gone. What worked? What didn’t?  What needs to change?  What needs to stay the same?

If you felt like you were flying by the seat of your pants last year, this blog post is definitely for you. If you felt like you nailed last year then please comment in the comment section and let us know your secrets!

No matter your stage of life, you need systems. In fact, you already have many automatic systems in place. For example, you do certain things before bed.  You brush your teeth, wash your face, and read, write, or watch TV. This system is automatic and doesn’t expend brain energy.

And that is the key: put as much of your life as you can on auto pilot because you will drastically cut down decision fatigue and general overwhelm.

Here is a link to a free Systems Evaluation that will help you tweak your systems to set you up for a successful year!  Print it off and let us know what you’re going to tackle first!



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