Monthly Archives: December 2018

The Best Year-End Evaluation to Start Your New Year Off on the Right Foot

This will be extremely short and sweet. This is the exact method I use to create systems that work for my family. Each year I evaluate how the year has gone. What worked? What didn’t?  What needs to change?  What needs to stay the same? If you felt like you were flying by the seat […]

Goals that Embrace the Phrase: CEASE STRIVING

This year, my goal list is much tamer.  As a driven person, I am constantly looking for the next mountain to climb.  However, God has laid on my heart the phrase, Cease Striving from Psalm 46:10 in the New American Standard Version as my word of the year. The phrase, cease striving proves problematic when I am trying […]

3 Simple Concepts to Setting Goals

Do you look at a new year as an exciting adventure, a dreaded opportunity for failure; with wearied weeping, or with a go-get-em- kind of attitude? I love New Year’s Day.  It’s an opportunity for refreshment.  New Beginnings.  A clean slate.  I can reinvent myself, my home, my surroundings, and dare I say it?  My […]