Finally, we are at the goal-setting stage.  At the start of a new year everyone wants to renew and refresh.  However, goals can’t be set until you reflect on your previous year, choose a definitive word that will be your theme for the new year, and rightly prioritize.  This is why we’re calling it the Anti-Resolution Challenge.  We are not “resoluting” anything.  We are making progress toward a more intentional and purpose-filled life.  We are NOT setting willy-nilly goals. We are systematically making improvements that will actually stick!

Let’s get started!

You have to realize that everyone or everything else out there vying for your time and energy think that they should be the top priority.  You have to understand that no one else will prioritize for you.  If they did, they all would be in the number one spot.

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You have to determine ahead of time, who should get the most of you.

With whom do you need to spend time?

What pursuits should get your energy and focus?

If you do not determine this before the clamoring begins, you will feel like you are constantly putting out fires.

Anyone been there?

You will never get to your goals if you are constantly putting out fires.

If you want to stop putting out fires, you must learn how to prioritize rightly.  Then, and only then, can you move forward with any goals you may have for this year.

We have an easy to use Priority Order Guide to help you establish what matters most to you, so you don’t lose clarity.  You can grab it here (If you’ve already signed up for the other worksheets in WEEK 1 and WEEK 2, you will already have this sheet in your Inbox).

Three Easy Steps to Prioritize Rightly:


When we want to prioritize rightly, we need to first think about the hats we wear.  What are our roles and responsibilities?  I am a child of God, mother, wife, daughter, speaker/blogger, podcaster, consultant, church member, room mom, and friend.


Next, pick a few adjectives or descriptive words to describe how you’d like to be characterized in each of those roles.  List about 5 different descriptions.  For example: I’d like to be known as an intentional, encouraging, loving, trustworthy mother.  I’d also like to be known as a sought-after speaker, and a communicative, interesting, truthful blogger.  Maybe I’d also write, a responsible, upbeat, happy room mom.  Use the Priority Order Guide to help you list out adjectives and descriptions for each role you play.

NOTE: These do not have to be reality.  These are how you would like to be viewed.


Lastly, settle on one adjective or descriptive phrase for each role and write out what the best you looks like in that role. I settled on:

  • Healthy Christian in body in spirit
  • Quick-to-Apologize Wife
  • Encouraging Mother
  • Helpful Podcaster
  • Faithful and Creative Blogger
  • Sought-After Speaker
  • Courageous and Inspiring Consultant
  • Encouraging Leader of Leaders

To help you keep this at your fingertips as a reminder, we have a Monthly Habit Tracker.  You can input your roles and responsibilities and write out the best you for five different roles.  If this changes each month, you can just print a new one each month.  Otherwise, write it out then laminate it.  Keep it in your planner and use a dry erase to track the other good stuff on the page.  Grab yours here.

Now I can set my goals!

If I were to try to set goals before prioritizing rightly, I wouldn’t have direction.  There would be no substance to the goals and they would never materialize.  There would be no way to structure action items or evaluate success.

By establishing my priorities first, my goals have purpose beyond myself.  They are no longer resolutions, or wishful thinking.  They have legs.

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My priority of a “Healthy Christian” in body in spirit is the why behind my goal of working out twice a week with my daughter.  The priority will help me get out of bed when I’d rather sleep an extra hour.

My priority of a “Quick-to-Apologize Wife” will help me say that I’m sorry in the heat of the moment.  It will help me remember that I am working toward being an apologetic wife.  I can look at each opportunity to apologize, not as a wounding of my pride, but as an opportunity to learn my lesson quickly.

When you start to set some goals, tailor them to your priorities.  For example:
We are starting But.God.Period’s Podcast this year.  As a “Helpful Podcaster,” one of my goals is to read my blog posts and podcast those each week because I want people who can’t take the time to read the blog posts, to be able to benefit from the content.  That seems to be “helpful.”

I know a lot of women who think they are ordinary people living unimpressive lives.  I don’t believe it.  These same women all have a unique perspective on life because of small (and sometimes big) things that have happened to them throughout their lives.  One woman I know who would classify herself as shy and reserved completely switched careers!  She heard God’s voice and fearfully put down her hair trimming shears, for pinking shears as an interior designer – with no training.  She used the resources available to her and pursued her calling.  Wow!  You would never know it looking at her, or even talking to her for a while, that she has this amazing life-altering experience.

Others have struggled with infertility, failed adoptions, foster care struggles, anger issues in parenting, infidelity…etc.  They’re ordinary women just like you, living their lives and performing the tasks set before them, but they each have a small pocket of expertise that could encourage and help other women just like them.

The key is they’re not unique in and of themselves.  Their situations can help others going through the same thing.  Because of this, that’s how I want to frame our Podcasts.  Just women telling a snippet of their story that seems ordinary to them but will instill courage, perspective and a breath of fresh air for other women.  As a Helpful Podcaster, I will pay attention to the women God places in my path and ask them if they’d like to talk about their story.  I’ll record it and post it as they come up!



I go over this in detail in our free time management course Manage Your Time Like a Boss: A Proven Technique to Take Control of Your Schedule and TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!  I won’t go into too much detail here, but essentially, write out what the best you looks like in each of the roles you play.  Build off the descriptive words you used when filling out your Priority Order Guide.


Spend 20 minutes just dreaming in each category.  No idea is foolish.  Dream big.  Write down everything that comes to mind and place those in the appropriate categories.  If you get an idea and it has to deal with parenting, write it next to the other parenting ideas.  Keep the ideas categorized as best as possible.  If it’s easier for you to just brain dump first and then when you’re done, separate everything into categories, that’s fine.  That’s how I am too.  This is like a bucket list, but it’s not because we are going to be proactive and go after them.  Write your hidden secrets.  Your wishes and hopes.  Your desires that you’re kind of embarrassed to share.  The sky is the limit for now.


Pick something in each category and go after it!  Is there something there that you could accomplish this year?  Choose one or two things to focus on in each role that you play.


Make sure what you choose aligns with your word of the year you chose in Week 2If it doesn’t, it’s not to go on your goal list for this year.


Take each goal apart and write out all the steps that it would take to achieve it.  Get really specific.  As nitty gritty and as small as buying tweezers at a hardware store.  You have to keep working backward from the end and list out everything you would need until there’s nothing else you “have to do first.”  For example: If you’re goal is to lose 20 lbs this year, you can set some smaller goals of running a 5k in September, and cutting out soda, and drinking a gallon of water each day and signing up for a nutrition/fitness program (SPELL Fitness is my go-to.  Totally manageable and with great results!).  So some smaller action items might be:

  • Research 3 Races for this fall.
  • Ask friends who have run 5k’s which races they recommend.
  • Pick a race.
  • Sign up for the race.
  • Go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and get fitted for the proper running shoe.
  • Buy Dry-Fit socks.
  • Walk one mile
  • Set up Pinterest account
  • Research Couch to 5k programs on Pinterest

The idea is to make the action items so small that you can’t help but accomplish it.


I heard at a leadership conference once that you are 65% more likely to achieve your goals if you are specific about the how and when and you tell someone.  If you ask that person to hold you accountable you will have a 95% success rate!


Fill out the Priority Order Guide and establish some goals in each area.  Consider some stretch goals (goals that scare you a little because they’re big!).



Leave a comment and tell us what some of your big goals are!  We’d love to cheer you on!!

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