The Secret to Eliminating Over Commitment – Anti-Resolution Challenge WEEK 2

Welcome back to our Anti-Resolution Challenge.  In our first post, we talked about reflecting on the past year.  You can read about that here.  We also supplied you with a Year End Review Sheet that would help guide you in your reflections.

This week we are going to focus on drilling down to figure out a word of the year.

Why is a word of the year important?

When you have a word to govern your decisions throughout the year, you can easily weed out the nonessential.  You have something to guide you in saying, “Yes,” or, “No.”

One year our family needed to recover from a hectic, crazy previous year.  My husband’s boss suddenly passed away the previous year, so it had been categorized by long hours and putting out fires.  We decided as a family that that year would be a sacrifice on our part to help the company and my husband’s remaining boss.  We counted it a privilege to partner with the company in this.  That still left our family a little frazzled by years end, as was anticipated.  So the next year we decided to have a year of “Recovery.”  We chose, “Recovery,” so that we could gel together as a family again, rest more, and heal from a very emotional year.

Some people have chosen, “Rest,” as their word.  They’ve needed to decompress, slow down, be in the moment…etc.  Others choose words like:

  • Victory
  • Disciplined
  • Strength
  • Focus
  • Engaged
  • Purpose
  • Yes
  • Joy
  • Confidence
  • Grace
  • Simplify

There’s a trick, though.  You can’t just pick a word out of mid-air.  Nothing in life is a coincidence.  There are lessons you’ve been learning, thoughts you’ve been having, media that has crossed your path that all have a message for you.  How do those connect?  To help you figure out that connection, we have the 2018 Word of the Year Worksheets. (If you’ve already received the Year End Review, you have the link for the Word of the Year Worksheets)

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The worksheet will ask you a series of questions and then prompt you to list words that describe those answers.  From there, you will evaluate those words and drill down and pick one.  This is calculated and intentional.  It’s pulling from various aspects of your life so that you can see themes and reoccurrences.  It’s the easiest and most effective way to figure out a word for your year.

Note: the first question in the Word of the Year Worksheet will ask you what themes you pulled from your Affirmation Statement.  The Affirmation Statement is covered in our free course on time management, Manage Your Time Like a Boss: A Proven Technique to Take Control of Your Schedule and TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

A word of the year is crucial, so again, don’t skip this step.  When you’ve forgotten all else and you’re starting to feel like you’re spinning your wheels, you can re-center on that word you chose.  One word can be your guide, your deciding factor, and your excuse.  Deciding on one word to guide you in decision making, commitment acceptance, and visioneering will eliminate over commitment and cut down on the overwhelm


Download your 2018 Word of the Year Worksheets.


What word of the year did you pick?  Comment below – we’d love to know!

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