New Online Bible Study: Extra Ordinary God Using VERY Ordinary People

Have you ever felt like what you do (or say) doesn’t really matter?  People never listen anyway.

Have you struggled thinking you were a nobody?

Do you doubt that God speaks to you, let alone through you?

Do you think that your life is so insignificant that dreams inside your heart don’t matter?

Are your dreams dead?

Do you think that greatness is for someone else more qualified, more charismatic, better looking, more polished, and more popular than you?

I’ve often struggled with some (or all) of these thoughts as well, but they are all but quieted now.

I don’t have a secret formula for boosting self-confidence (or God-confidence, rather!).  I can’t help you change your thought life overnight, but I can show you an integral part in the changing of my mind.

It’s funny, growing up, I knew I was the apple of many peoples’ eyes.  I relished the attention and loved being cherished.  Then middle school and high school happens.  You start to find out that you’re not as fabulous as you think you are.  Add in working for the federal government and enduring boot camp and you’re sure to find out really soon that there is nothing special about you at all.  No one cares about what’s going on in your life beyond what your performance is.

So, what helps?

The book of Nehemiah.

The book of Nehemiah showcases a big God using a small person to accomplish the impossible.  Nehemiah was a cup-bearer to the king.  Before you think that glamorous or think, “He was a somebody.  He worked in the palace,” listen to who he actually was:  He was an exiled slave whose life was expendable.  He was used and replaceable without any further thought.  His one job was to die before the king did.  At least three times a day he came to grips with his mortality and the only one who actually cared if he lived or died was Nehemiah, himself.  A life not worth much.

But God has him in the exact place of employment at the exact time he needed to be there.  God placed Nehemiah in close contact with the most important person in the world at that time.  There are no coincidences with God.

God used someone who was a disposable slave to restore honor and glory to an entire nation.

You are in this exact place at this exact time for a very specific purpose.  I know without a doubt that revival of a whole nation can begin with you, my Friend.  You, being faithful in the little things, can produce fruit in much bigger arenas.

I hear you scoffing.  I hear you saying that I’m an idealist.  Let me assure you, I am not.  I’m about as critical and insufferable as they come.  I don’t blow wind in anyone’s sails.  I have squashed more dreams than bugs, so when I tell you that revival of an entire nation can be directly tied back to you, I’m being as truthful as Honest Abe.

I say it in my book, Release: Seven Ways to Loosen YourSeven Ways to Loosen Your Grip and Experience Freedom, Liberation, Surrender and an Unleashing of the Gospel in Everyday Life, that I echo what Stephen Kendrik said at the True Woman Conference in September of 2016.  He said, “The world would never be the same again, if the women here would get right with the Lord, pray in faith, and obey.”  This world would never be the same again.

It never hurts to try, right?

Want to live next year with zero confidence in you and your abilities and total confidence in the Lord?  Sign up for the Nehemiah Online Bible Study!

Nehemiah is the book to jumpstart your year.  I want to take you through a study of Nehemiah so that you can live next year in the confidence of the Lord.  You can face each day certain that you matter and you have a specific purpose.  The breakfast you provide or the laundry you fold has an eternal purpose, but your mind and attitude have to change.  That will only change with reading and being immersed in the Scriptures.

You’ll need the bullet journal Bible study book.  I’ll walk you through all of this the first day vis FB Live in our group.


So sign up HERE

Grab your book HERE

See you soon!

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