4 Ways to Turn Mom Stress Into Mom Success


We all have stress as moms.  The demands, lack of gratitude, to-do lists, and lists of failures running through our minds never end.

The many hats we wear force our minds to change quickly from one focus to the next.

We feel depleted.  We have zero energy.  Many of us realize we stopped being “fun” a while ago and don’t really know how to fix that or get that person back.

We realize that our kids are only with us for such a small amount of time.  We are also painfully aware that we’ve squandered much of that time.

We want to grasp at the little time we have left and makeup for our mistakes, but we also recognize that we can’t.  We can only move forward and try (again) to stop making those same mistakes.

It’s sad, painful and tough to think about, but I’m not saying anything you haven’t accused yourself of when your head has hit the pillow.

I’ll be upfront: this blog post will not be rocket science.  I am not going to tell you anything you don’t already know, but merely remind you to do what you know you must.  For the sake of your family and your most precious relationships, you’ve got to


The National Sleep Foundation says we need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  How do you rank?  If you’re grumpy, lethargic, constantly playing catchup, put the to-do list down and go to bed.  If your head is foggy and you feel exhausted even after a night’s rest, go to bed a little earlier and see how things improve.  Remember when you were trying to figure out bedtime for your newborns?  Treat yourself like that and try to figure out your best time for rest.  You have GOT to make this a priority.  The number one way I see moms failing at this is by turning the TV on after the kids are in bed.  Turn it off.  You do not need to catch up on anything and you don’t need mindless entertainment, you need sleep.


Even just 15 minutes will help you get an edge on the inevitable chaos that will ensue when the children emerge.  Get on top of your day so you know what’s coming at you and you’re not playing catch up all day long.  Clear the fog with a cup of coffee.  Don’t try to accomplish anything, do something calming.  Have a cup of tea and read something or listen to something relaxing.


We all know exercise releases “feel-good” hormones.  You feel happy afterward.  Not during.  Nope, it stinks, but after you feel happy, clear-headed, and capable.  Plus, you will get better sleep if you exercise.

Suggestion: Check out SPELL Fitness.  It’s run by a mom just like yourself, so she gets it!  You’ll get detailed, tailored nutrition and catered workouts.


No matter what, incorporate time in every week for just you.  Whatever that looks like, do it.  Is it reading?  Is it taking a bath?  Is it hiking?  Is it watching your favorite movie (don’t sacrifice sleep over this)?  Is it going out with friends?  Is it doing your hair and makeup?  Take some time for yourself each week with the end goal of taking time for yourself every day.  I don’t expect you to be there yet, but your goal eventually is to carve some time out for yourself daily.  This is the same concept as airlines use when securing your oxygen mask.  Secure your mask first, then help others around you.  You will be of no help to anyone if you’re not breathing.  You cannot be the mom you want to be if you’re not recharging yourself and focusing on replenishing your spirit.





Again, none of this is new to you, but I’m curious, what do you feel like you need to take a step in the right direction to turn mom stress into mom success?

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