Joni Stanchfield

Redeemed. Forgiven. Loved. Cherished. Valued. Words that would have healed so many hurts from my past, but were never realized until God got a hold of my heart. I have walked a very difficult road through my own sin. Satan had me in the gutters, of fear, loneliness, shame and guilt. I journeyed from darkness to light, slavery to freedom, condemnation to grace! In God’s mercy I am restored, rejuvenated, saved, precious and given identity and worth and above all, united with the True Lover of my Soul, Jesus Christ. He is my complete restoration and healing, He can be yours too, let me tell you all about it…

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Erica Boerman

What the photo tells you: This chic is cool, calm and collected, down to earth, smiling, living life with certainty, purpose and intention. She must have her stink together! What the photo doesn’t tell you: The fact that my hair looks better unshowered if I’ve put enough product in it the previous day, so that’s my excuse for neglecting hygiene (not the lack of 2 minutes of alone time while raising 3 lively children); the sheer volume of cups of coffee it took to get that smile up and running; the fear coursing through my mind as I’m trying desperately to remember if I had turned the crockpot on hours earlier…

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